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Catholic Universities in Dialogue - Catholic Identities - February 18

The International Federation of Catholic Universities today brings together nearly 250 universities worldwide. Created in very diverse conditions, with a variety of religious sensibilities, our universities also evolve in extremely different contexts. One of the constants of their work, however, is always to question their Catholic identity, which is a matter of constituted traditions as well as of constituent traditions.

IFCU presents a series of interviews with Catholic figures who come to bear witness and share their reflections and experiences on what it means to be a Catholic university today.

 Save the Date February 18th, 2021 - 2.00 PM

(Paris Time)

The impact of Laudato Si on Catholic Universities

Dr. Leonardo Franchi
University of Glasgow, IFCU-ACISE


Fr. Dennis Holtschneider will present the different facets of the Catholic identities of higher education institutions in the United States; will give a particular focus on Current Experiments in Strengthening Catholic Mission.  He will show that the US has 15 different approaches at present, and will make some early comments on their strengths and weaknesses. 



Dr. Leonardo Franchi

Dr. Franchi is an academic at the University of Glasgow where he was Director of Catholic Teacher Education from 2012–2016. He sits on the Executive of the Association for Catholic Colleges and Institutes of Education (ACISE) and is a Council me