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Info z Kircher Network jezuickiej sieci uczelni wyższych w Europie i na Bliskim Wschodzie

II International Symposium on Secularity: Do we need religion?


May 30- 31, 2024, Frankfurt (Germany).


The Kircher Network’s Secularization HEST Cluster is organizing the II International Symposium on Secularity “Do we need religion? Contributions of spirituality and religion to the post-secular and communitarian societies”. It will take place from the 30th to the 31st of May 2024 at Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt. In the website you will find all the information about the event: dates, program, speakers and logistic details:


Theological Symposium: Christian Eschatology in the context of the epochal changes in the World

A meeting of teachers from Jesuit faculties of theology in Europe.

July 4-7, 2024, Madrid, Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Spain).

The conference in Madrid has three main objectives: to enable faculty members to get to know each other, both personally and professionally; to foster and promote theological reflection marked by the Ignatian tradition. The challenges of the epochal changes in the World are multiples. Do they affect our way of thinking about eschatology? Do they affect our way of doing theology, especially eschatology? All Christian theologians have something to say about eschatology: biblical scholars, systematic, moral, and practical theologians. We will have some keynote speakers, but the meeting is by design interactive and participative. Therefore, all participants are asked to present a 5–7-minute contribution during the workshop. We hope that 2 or 3 faculty members from each institution will convene in Madrid and participate in the meeting ́s lectures, discussion, and cultural activities.

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Kircher Network Course on Identity and Mission of Jesuit Higher Education

We are glad to announce the dates for the launch of our formation course in the identity and mission of Jesuit higher education institutions, the Canisius Formation Experience. The first pilot edition of the Course will start in September 2024, with an introductory webinar followed by a three-day in-person session in Vienna (October 28, 29, and 30) and two follow-up webinars on Ignatian Leadership in November.

The Canisius Formation will be an introductory immersion experience and hybrid formation for our faculty, leader administrators, and staff who want to gain a foundation in Ignatian identity and the Jesuit higher education mission. Following the best tradition of Ignatian Pedagogy, the Course seeks to be an integral experience comprising intellectual, interiority and relational approaches.

The Course will be an excellent opportunity for networking at the regional level and mutual knowledge among our faculty and staff, helping our universities and centres in Europe and Lebanon and our network become a better apostolic body.

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“Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education” - Call for Contributions

Theme of the 4th edition of the online journal: Research and Advocacy on Reconciliation and Peace in Jesuit Higher Education Institutions

We invite faculty members, administrators, and staff of Jesuit higher education institutions to submit their best practices on Research and Advocacy on Reconciliation and Peace. In this fourth edition, we are excited to broaden the scope of submissions to include innovative video presentations showcasing your best practices. This multifaceted approach combining articles and videos aims to capture and share diverse insights, fostering a dynamic exchange of best practices. Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate and advance reconciliation and peace within the Jesuit higher education community. Submit your contributions and join us in creating a platform for meaningful dialogue and impactful initiatives. More:

Submissions Deadline: May 18th, 2024.

Language for articles and videos: English, Spanish and French

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Jesuit University Networks: Lessons Learned

In this series of three articles one can read some reflections by dr Susana Di Trolio, Executive Director of the Kircher Network, on Jesuit university networks. 

The first article, entitled “A vision on Jesuit University Networks,”  analyzes the context in which these networks have developed.

The second article reviewed the main “Challenges and risks of Jesuit university networks”, as well as the essential conditions for their functioning.

In the third article Di Trolio makes a synthesis of lessons learned and good practices that emerged from the creation and operation of university networks:  “Jesuit University Networks: Lessons Learned”

More on Jesuit Networking:


Jesuit Higher Education Today - A New Communication Initiative

A series of videos: “Jesuit Higher Education Today” is a new section of the International Association of Jesuit Universities ( newsletter. In this section, the Association will share expert insights to foster reflection on Jesuit higher education priorities across the world and on the Society of Jesus’ ways of proceeding (discernment, collaboration and networking) in that apostolate.

“Jesuit Higher Education Today” will be featured once a month in both Spanish and English. Here are the first short films: