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International Staff Week - University of Deusto

INTERNATIONAL STAFF WEEK  - 16-18 OCTOBER 2019 (deadline: July 15)


What comes next for EU universities?

Internationalization at home: the challenges of student integration and staff mobility abroad


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UD launches this International Staff Week aimed at those European partners we have been working with for quite a few years now. We aim to provide a forum for learning, debating and exchanging experiences on two important aspects which are often overlooked or underworked when addressing mobility among European universities and internationalization at home:integration of students and staff mobility abroad. 

Student Integration
Erasmus 2021-27
 has placed much emphasis on integration as one of the priorities of this new programme. How can we improve inclusion, integration and diversity among our international and local students? How can inclusiveness and integration impact positively on and contribute to theinternationalization at home goals?  

Staff Mobility
While student mobility holds firm and has grown steadily along these last years, staff mobility remains a challenge for many HEIs. The number of academics participating in the programme is small and the mobility schemes are often difficult to match with teaching realities and academic routine. Can we devise strategies to reverse this trend?

This activity intends to provide room for knowledge, discussion and learning, as well as to come up with updated information and useful tips to address what's coming next.

Who should participate?
Staff & academics with an interest in any of the above mentioned issues. Max 25 participants.


University of Deusto
Bilbao, ES