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Online Colloquium "Lebanon at the Crossroads”

Event: Online Colloquium "Lebanon at the Crossroads" 

Date: Thursday, March 11, 6- 7 pm [online] 

Institution:  Universität Innsbruck - Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät  

For centuries, Lebanon has been the gate to the Middle East. Already the Bible celebrates the region for its splendour. In the 20th century, however, a bloody civil war shook the country. In the last decade, thousands of migrants have fled to Lebanon during the continuing Syrian War. In 2020, the COVID pandemic shocked the nation, which was already in severe economic, social and political crises. When a giant explosion rocked Beirut harbour in August 2020, it hit people already on the grounds.  

During the colloquium, Roula Talhouk will give an overview of the current situation in Lebanon. Dietmar Winkler will highlight the importance of the region for contemporary European theology, focusing on Eastern Christianity. 



- Prof. Dr Roula Talhouk is director of the Centre de Recherche et de Documentation Islamo-Chrétien at the University of Saint Joseph (CEDIFR) in Beirut and coordinates the MA study programme at the Faculty for Religious Studies. She is a member of PLURIEL and the HEST-Cluster on Christian-Muslim Relations and closely affiliated with the School of Catholic Theology in Innsbruck. 


- Prof. Dr Dietmar Winkler is Chair of Ecclesiastical History, Patristic Studies and Ecclesiastical History at the University of Salzburg. He is a renowned expert on Eastern Christianity, especially the Syriac traditions. He consults the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, Pro Oriente and the Austrian Bishop's Conference. 


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