1. Is presence at the “Welcome Days” mandatory?

Yes, because the first day of “Welcome Days” is the beginning of mobility in Ignatianum.

2. My mobility in the Ignatianum begins, for example, September 25th, but I will come to Krakow at the beginning of the month. In this case, do I have the opportunity to obtain the “Certificate of Arrival” and Polish Student ID earlier?

No, that’s impossible. “Certificate of Arrival” is issued on the first day of “Welcome Days”. Then the student can make his or her ID card.

3. Can I keep my Polish Student ID after graduation from Ignatianum?

No, because the ID card must be returned to the proper office before the end of mobility at the Ignatianum. https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl/student-i

4. Can my friend pick up the “Certificate of Study Period” for me at the end of my stay in Ignatianum?

No, every student has to pick up the document individually.

5. Does the Ignatianum offer social scholarships for foreign exchange students?


6. Is attendance in class mandatory?


7. Does the Ignatianum offer a place in the dormitory?

Ignatianum does not have its dormitories, but thanks to cooperation with other Krakow’s universities we can offer places for interested students. Due to the limited number of rooms and high interest, it is significant to fill in the “Student Application Form” earlier. https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl/accommodation

8. Does Ignatianum offer a Polish language course?

Yes, students who do not speak Polish have the opportunity to participate in a free semester course run by teachers from our university. In the case of passing the final exam, the student receives 2ECTS. Students interested in taking a course must add it to their LA. https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl/IRO-education-offer

9. Are international students provided with care and assistance from a Polish student?

Yes, students/volunteers (Student Mentor) cooperate with the International Relations Office at Ignatianum. If you are interested in the Mentor help, please check this in the Student Application Form. https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl/student-mentor

10. Is it possible to attend the Mass in a foreign language?

Yes, Masses in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Latin are celebrated in selected churches in Krakow. https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl/religious-life